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Technical expertise,  project knowledge, and equipment to design and fabricate every shape and size of expanded polystyrene (EPS) block molds

Michigan Foam Products LLC is a large family-owned expanded polystyrene (EPS) manufacturer in Grand Rapids Michigan. Our EPS packaging solutions have been implemented throughout the Midwest and Canada since 1972. We make hundreds of quality rigid EPS packaging solutions, and just about any other EPS project for commercial, residential, civil, governmental applications that require the cushioning ability that EPS foam can handle.

Knowledge & Experience

making the perfect block

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  • Advanced production capabilities
  • Engineering design assistance
  • Specialty EPS products
  • Sample tryout
  • Superior customer service
  • Problem solvers of any size
  • Experienced experts in EPS
  • High quality EPS blocks

michigan foam products llc


technical info

 Access the latest technical information on expanded polystyrene, including a downloadable technical data sheet.

EPS Products

For the best choice in EPS packaging materials, contact us to find the right packaging solution for you.

recycling EPS

Help reduce the amount of EPS in any landfills! Michigan Foam accepts EPS for recycling that meets our criteria.

Advantages of

expanded polystyrene

Whether it’s packaging solutions, insulation, sheeted foam, movie sets and backgrounds, retail business advertising, marketing displays and events, art projects, or a simple hobby project, Michigan Foam Products can do it all. With hundreds of product choices to choose from, we can create a workable EPS foam solution for you.

Numerous Foam Density Solutions

High Tensile Strength to Weight Ratio


Superior Cushioning & Stability

Custom Material Shapes for Product Protection

Hot & Cold Thermal Properties

Water Resistant



100% Recyclable

Innovative, High-Quality

Contact us today so we can customize the perfect solution for your specific needs large or small.

Over the years of partnership with Michigan Foam supplying our needs of foam products the attention to detail and customer service has been outstanding! Michigan Foam continually goes above and beyond the necessary steps to support our supplier customer relationship. Michigan Foam in multiple cases has adjusted their busy schedules to meet our increased or unexpected needs for product to maintain production at our facility. I’m looking forward to continuing our supplier customer relationship with Michigan Foam in the years to come.