Michigan Foam Products LLC has been recycling EPS foam for years before it was an environmental issue. We have taken a proactive role in reducing the amounts of EPS ending up in any landfills and have aggressively attempted to recycle as much EPS as can be recovered or brought in by people who are just as concerned for the environment as we are. 

Acceptable EPS

  • Any EPS produced by Michigan Foam Products
  • EPS foam labeled with the recycle symbol #6
  • White foam only
  • Must be clean
  • No contamination

Unacceptable EPS

  • Colored foam
  • Dirty foam
  • Foam with adhesives, labels, or tape on it
  • Packing peanuts
  • Food service foams, such as cups, containers, or plates

What we do with recycled EPS

Many valuable products can be made with recycled EPS. Besides reusing it in our own blocks, Michigan Foam Products has gotten actively involved in the Emperor Building System. The Emperor Building System is a low cost EPS alternative rigid foam insulation system designed to be placed in the attic of a new or pre-existing home. The Emperor EPS foam is designed to give up to 50% more R-value at the outside wall and drastically increases R-value 40 inches into the attic space, while doubling air circulation to the attic space. The entire two piece system is comprised of 50% recycled EPS foam, and without one disadvantage at all. This Emperor EPS insulation system is quite unique in its novel way of increasing R-value and doubling air ventilation simultaneously.