Geofoam EPS Application Precautions

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It is absolutely critical that engineers be aware that geofoam EPS is no different than any other geotechnical solution in that it must be installed properly and with every precaution. Please research every aspect of geofoam’s installation data available and please do a proper site and application analysis for its intended use.

Geofoam EPS failures have occurred because of improperly installed geofoam EPS, and in nearly every case, it was lack of preparatory study of geofoam EPS. With the versatility of geofoam EPS applications, it is well worth the time spent doing it properly. As you can read in the section below about projects already constructed and time-tested, massive amounts of geofoam EPS can be used, and with better than expected results. MFP has included numerous resources for you to research and find out ways to apply geofoam for your particular project and environment.

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